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Toys Made in USA!

Made in USA products are 100% our focus! You will find nothing made in China, or even Europe for that matter. We believe in keeping our money as close to home as possible, and keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible while doing so!

We proudly support American-made toy companies as they are allied with us in trying to bring back American jobs, American quality and American creativity.


Jobs: The adage “Buy American and America Works” is true. A dollar spent on an American-made toy goes further than a dollar spent on an imported toy. That dollar you spend pays wages to American workers. That dollar pays domestic suppliers of wood or other materials. Those dollars, in turn, are spent by workers in their communities. Those dollars pay taxes that support our infrastructure, schools and institutions.


Environment: Chinese manufacturing is cheaper for many reasons beyond labor, and one of them is significantly lower environmental standards in manufacturing facilities, power generation and resource procurement. Wood for Chinese-made wood toys is generally imported to China from such places as Indonesia, South America or Europe and then the finished product is shipped to the United States – nothing “green” or sustainable about that!


What’s really cheaper? What are we leaving our children? Products made in China may be cheaper at the cash register, but are they really cheaper than toys made in the USA in the long term? As cheap disposable products clog our landfills, as jobs and opportunities wither, as demands on government services skyrocket, we need to ask ourselves, is China cheaper?


Suppliers: Pure Play Kids attempts to use domestic suppliers (materials, packaging and even services) wherever feasible because that maximizes our ability to create and maintain American jobs and it reduces our carbon footprint.  Most importantly, we are proud that all direct labor in manufacturing our items is located here in the United States.

ALSO: I would love to add to the Pure Play Originals tab. I'm in search of : woodworkers & seamstresses who can make products for me! Is there an item you've made for your kids or grandkids, you enjoy making, and you could make me 10 or 20 of them? I'd love to hear from you, get in touch!