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About Jess

Jess takes over ownership in october of 2018


Hi, I'm Jess, the new owner of Pure Play Kids! Let me start from the beginning of my Made in USA quest. In 2012 I was shopping for my Son's 1st birthday, and all the toys I was picking up in the store were stamped with: Made in China. It just didn't sit well with me, I knew there had to be great toys being made here in the USA still, right? Thanks to the glorious internet, I was able to find several great options! And I thought hey, others might be interested in learning this great news too, I should start a blog & share my made in USA research. And a mission was born, along with a Facebook page, and a website. When I discovered Pure Play Kids that same year, I was delighted, so many great options all from one website! Over the next several years, Pure Play Kids was always my 1st stop for any toy shopping, and they never disappointed!

Fast forward to 2018. I learned from Mike & Tania that they just didn't have the time needed to dedicate to the business and were looking for someone to take it over. I was interested but thought no, I can't take on something like that. I put the word out in my blogosphere & had a few potential takers. Then word came one day that they had no serious interest & were ready to pull the plug on the site. I just could not fathom Pure Play Kids going away, and decided that yes indeed, I WAS the one to continue this great website & expand it to match other areas I'm passionate about: safe, organic, personal care & home goods with a focus on reusable items! So you'll see more kitchen, bathroom & home items than previously offered, I hope you don't mind!


My inspiration

be the change you wish to see

 We are a hugely outdoorsy family, and spend as much time out there as possible. But we also live in Wisconsin so when those six months of winter hit, we need indoor entertainment. We are really, really into DIY projects, arts & crafts, and hands-on activities, and you will see that reflected in the site. As my kiddos have grown, I've found the made in USA options have become a bit more difficult to find than when they were babes. As mine grow, you can count on Pure Play Kids growing too. I'm on a mission to expand offerings for older children as much as possible. As always, I love your feedback & suggestions. Know of some great made in USA offerings for any age? LET ME KNOW!


Your support means the world to me!

 I know  customers make choices, and I truly appreciate each and every one of our supporters whether you buy from us, write about us or tell others about us. Know that you are helping us bring back toys with better values and stronger development qualities. Also know that your support of us and businesses like ours is the key to creating great jobs here in the United States. 

I truly want to leave my children with a hopeful, promising economy, environment & a strong set of ethics. We must lead by example. I can't say it enough: be the change you wish to see. Lead by example. And maybe, just maybe, your children will meet or exceed your life's work. What an exciting prospect!